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I’m Dr. Olga Zbarskaya, the founder of OZCREDO:

Center of Creative Thinking and Unlimited Possibilities.

This organization, which specializes in the art of thinking, is the natural result of my twenty-plus years of international research into self-determination, creative thought, and the maximization of human potential. The OZCREDO team—a multidisciplinary group of professionals from various fields related to creativity—is here to help you, your family, and your organization unlock your true potential.


Our approach at OZCREDO is flexible enough to correspond to the nuanced needs of every individual and group we work with. We host creativity workshops for individuals and organizations, and we also provide one-on-one consultations. Our self-empowering, creativity-enhancing techniques are designed to meet the needs of human service organizations (both commercial and nonprofit), health care professionals, social workers, clinicians, educators, and many others. Individuals recovering from trauma and those with special needs will benefit richly from our workshops; companies wishing to build and sustain the best practices while maximizing productivity will benefit from our consultations. We help clients across the board plan and achieve their goals.


If you want to lead a happier life and position yourself or your team for success, we can help you. Our comprehensive suite of techniques extends from one core premise: thinking creatively unlocks your potential! To aid you in reaching maximum creativity, our expert team will train you in recognizing unseen patterns around you, provoking original ideas, practicing new behaviors, transforming weaknesses into strengths, making great choices, improving your leadership skills, and overcoming barriers to success.

Our Collaboration

Through consultations, workshops, and individual sessions, you will learn to celebrate inventive living as you witness how unleashing creative power can improve your performance in business and in life on whole. Highly professional trainers and coaches—including authors, therapists, social workers, business advisers, health care practitioners, educators, and artists—will assist you based on your personal and professional goals and needs. You will learn how to unleash the type of innovative and original thinking that can benefit every realm of your life!

  • Dr. Olga Zbarskaya

    A scholar, administrator, consultant, trainer, internationally published author with 20+ years of experience in creative thinking, mental fitness, and problem-solving.

  • Dr. Richard Fishler

    A business owner, administrator, trainer, and health care practitioner with 20+ years of experience in health care management, dentistry, creative leadership, and business logistics.

  • Jennifer Breslow

    Art Therapy & Psychotherapy in NYC Art Therapist, MA, LCAT, ATR-BC

  • Peter & Nellie Vingardt

    ALPEON Magazine Publishers

  • Laurence Haughton

    Researcher and writer of six bestsellers including It’s not the big that eat the small… it’s the fast that eat the slow and The Reinventors - How extraordinary companies achieve radical change. 


  • Uchenna Ekwo

    Dr. Uchenna Ekwo, Center for Media and Peace Initiatives President

We provide training, workshops, and coaching to equip you with the skills, tools, and techniques for creative decision-making, problem-solving, successful thinking, and effective daily performance.