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Oz Credo, Inc. is a consulting company that provides comprehensive tools, training, workshops, and coaching on creative decision-making and problem solving. As the full company name indicates, it is the Center of Creative Thinking and Unlimited Possibilities, and as such offers participants multiple methods for discovering and enhancing their ability to think creatively, quickly solve problems, and adapt to their rapidly changing environments.

The inability to think creatively, solve problems quickly, and adapt to rapid environmental changes poses a real threat to your well-being. These inabilities can intensify stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, performance inhibition, unhappiness, professional failure, and much more. Fortunately, we can help! The art of thinking is our specialty.

Oz Credo, Inc. was founded by Olga Zbarskaya, PhD, a scholar, administrator, consultant, and internationally published author. Dr. Zbarskaya is an expert in the areas of mental fitness, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. In addition to publishing dozens of peer-reviewed articles and books, she has developed curricula for multiple organizations and professionals from diverse backgrounds to enhance their level of success through cortical stimulation and metaphorical thinking, and by making their environment more conducive to creativity. Dr. Zbarskaya’s book Brainstorm! Practice for Unrestricted Imagination and Original Thought (Praeger Books, 2016) offers a scientific framework for the thought that creativity is a dynamic fuel that can power every sphere of life, from food preparation to personal relationships, from academia to government administration. This book serves as a manual for leveraging creative thought to overcome barriers, solve difficult problems, and streamline and optimize day-to-­day living.

OZCREDO coaches on thinking beyond perceived boundaries by hunting for unseen patterns of meanings. This company offers various techniques for provoking unusual thoughts and practicing new behaviors as well as recognizing arrangements within patterns, combining components into complex forms, filling in mental blind spots, forming analogies, and predicting variations. OZCREDO teaches individuals how to develop characteristics of creativity and, through continuous practice and exercise, turn creativity into a hard-wired habit.

The practical applications of the techniques taught by OZCREDO are endless. These methods will help people prevent or overcome stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, performance inhibition, unhappiness, professional failure, and much more by boosting creativity centers of the brain through research-based training and individually modified exercises. Through analysis of one’s individual characteristics and effective coaching, OZCREDO assists both individuals and organizations in handling difficult situations and communicating effectively for improved overall decision-making.

Employing exclusive—not to mention fun—tools and techniques, the OZCREDO experts will train service recipients to realize their own liberated genius and build and enhance leadership skills as they construct relationships among ideas, forms, statements, interpretations, and resolutions based on originality and imagination. Through consultations, workshops, and individual sessions, recipients will learn to celebrate inventive living as they witness how unleashing creative power can improve their performance in business and in life on whole. Highly professional trainers and coaches—including authors, therapists, social workers, business advisers, health care practitioners, educators, and artists—will assist service recipients based on their personal and professional goals and needs.

One of the chief ways in which OZCREDO helps recipients turn creative thinking into a habit is by teaching them to boost the emotional motivator behind every endeavor. Launching from a strong personal motivation makes it easier for recipients to learn specific creativity techniques, such as classifying information, comparing and contrasting, and adapting new attention patterns.

Some of the other specific creative techniques recipients will learn through OZCREDO’s unique methods are listed below:

  • postpone criticism
  • prioritize and create an empowerment plan
  • raise confidence and improve abilities to make wise and original choices
  • improve self-determination
  • increase the mind’s capacity to elaborate
  • reflect and conceptualize
  • generate unexpected responses to a challenge
  • look at the same problem from different perspectives
  • identify the root cause
  • reason and analyze
  • improve intuition and critical thinking
  • generate multiple responses, ideas, and alternatives
  • establish a harmonious environment
  • improvise major characteristics of creativity to increase likelihood of success
  • combine contradictory ideas with conventional statements
  • redefine generally approved statements to endorse original thoughts
  • create flexible combinations among thoughts


OZCREDO offers you life-changing experiences including workshops, long-term consulting, and coaching on creative thinking for individuals, groups, and companies. We will provide you with the most effective research-based techniques to improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as your abilities to administrate and elaborate ideas, make connections among them, and predict by patterns. You will not believe how much easier your day-to-day life will become and how much happier you will feel!

Creative thinking will help you overcome your fears and self-limitations, become more positive, and fulfill your dreams. It will also assist you in handling difficult situations, communicating effectively, and making great decisions.

We will help you celebrate an inventive way to live!

Creativity is broad in scope and complex in style. It is the emotional motivator behind every endeavor, which results in innovative concepts. We have all the tools to help you develop creative thinking features.

We will teach you how to construct the relationships among ideas, forms, statements, interpretations, and resolutions based on originality and imagination.

Are you ready to improve your business and life performance? Then discover what unleashing your creative power can do for you!

Enjoy our exclusive fun training, consulting, and workshops on empowering creative thinking. We will help you realize your own liberated genius, turn your weaknesses into strengths, solve problems, make great choices, build and enhance leadership skills, and overcome barriers to success.