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I am Kimbrell Cox. When I read your book Brainstorm! Practice for Unrestricted Imagination and Original Thought, I was very impressed as I found myself being both educated and reeducated. One may ask, “What does Brainstorm! have to do with the world we live in?” My personal answer is that it affects one’s life in its entirety. The information within the pages is probably relevant to billions of individuals. Your book provides direction for revising and reinvigorating educational beliefs and practices across the globe. Your book reflects some of the ways applicable knowledge is renewed in our minds from our early educational experiences (kindergarten, grammar school, high school) all the way through advanced college degrees and continuing education experiences later in life. Learning should never stop and be considered complete—a principle at the core of Brainstorm!

I think that much learning takes place on the job, via actual work-related assignments, and through exercises aimed at solving real-life problems related to one’s career or personal life. The best teachers are those who push people to internalize and incorporate values at both a personal and organizational level. Brainstorm! focuses heavily on this twofold type of internalization, encouraging readers not only to memorize facts but also to use them as a foundation for intellectual stimulation and growth. One example of this, to cite the creative act from which the book takes its title, is how brainstorming can enable us to make effective decisions in progressively more difficult situations based upon continuous feedback.

Your book emphasizes a logical and highly helpful problem-solving trajectory wherein we start with general questions that help clarify some of the various life issues that pop up. In this stage, the decisions we make and the practical steps we take affect how we view both ourselves and others. From that point, we can mount a concerted team effort to tie together ideas, specific exercises, and activities that promote a discussion of our thoughts and feelings with trusted individuals. I appreciate how your book always underlines the importance of today’s decisions in determining how the future—of our personal lives and of our organizations—will play out.

Your book must be revered for its documented precepts and guidance, its wisdom, and its pertinent examples. Brainstorm! thoroughly accounts for history in pronouncing on how ideas and creative processes manifest in our modern world. While there may be some individuals today utilizing aspects of your presented concepts, they are few and far between; these ideas certainly are not being practiced on a scale and to a degree that we as a society need.

It’s immediately clear how the lessons of your book apply to education and business; however, your work also has lessons for leaders and followers in politics, athletics, arts, mental health, social work, and even religion. I was taught as a youngster that words are not exactly cheap, but actions are dearer. The information contained in your book truly is based upon practical and unrestricted imagination and original thought—and most importantly, it is actionable. It encompasses action-oriented goals, including follow-up. The act of brainstorming, as presented by your book, is an advisable practice for the overall good of humankind.

The following constitute some thoughts, impressions, and personal feelings gained as a result of my reading Brainstorm! I felt as though I were building an expansion bridge between my own mind and the major parts of our collective knowledge and consciousness. I felt as though I had a front-row seat for lessons regarding leadership traits and skills from successful clinicians, social workers, and many others. Areas in which my personal knowledge expanded greatly in the course of reading your book include but are not limited to: integrity and honesty, leadership, purpose, compassion and kindness, humility, communication, team development, courage, fairness and justice, and performance management. Your comprehensive list “Benefits of Being Creative” contains/embraces all of the items listed above and more.