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Mind Boosters



OZCREDO helps people make better decisions and solve problems effectively. One of its products, Mind Boosters, was invented by Dr. Olga Zbarskaya to help individuals change their perception, improve self-image, evoke emotional and behavioral responses, and spark creative thinking. The images used in Mind Boosters are intended to assist people in consolidating their memories and past experiences and in setting the stage for productive problem-solving.

Every image blossoms with its own temper, attitude, and infatuation, all of which characteristics may be interpreted through a combination of empirical stimuli and interpretive meanings of an observer. Every image activates brain regions responsible for creative thinking.

The components of a Mind Booster image include its color, shape, pattern, texture, and other essential characteristics that stimulate cognitive and emotional abilities while maximizing emotional fitness and creative problem solving. Interactions of colors and optical illusions flex the thought process and bring imagination to the next level. Symmetry, composition, balance, levels of abstraction, density, and dynamic provoke shifts in perception as well as an openness to novelty.

Despite the fact that past experiences may alter your response to particular image properties and their combinations, there are general responses generated by certain properties of the image. Shapes are meaningful. They symbolize certain things and are able to boost certain emotional responses and set boundaries. They are able to organize information via obstructions and connectivity.

It is important to understand how certain properties of the image, its structure, and symmetrical organization influence our emotional responses. Objects with soft curves convey different moods and emotions than objects with rough edges. Circles represent completeness and promote a holistic perspective. Circles may encourage a sense of contentedness, comfort, safety, and/or harmony.

Squares and rectangles convey stability, formality, order, and limitations. Triangles are dynamic and confer a sense of movement. Based on how they are configured, they may represent either conflict or stability. They can additionally foster an impression of balance and self-revelation. Abstract shapes may boost novelty and original ideas. Spirals are conducive to creative thinking and original behavior. Curves, depending on their rhythm and dynamic, symbolize movement and change. Overlapping shapes enhance a feeling of complexity and interconnection.

Similarly, colors can unlock or enhance certain creativity tendencies. As wavelengths of electromagnetic energy, colors can set a certain mood, evoke particular senses, and even control the amount and flow of energy in our mind.

Certain shades of blue and green are associated with openness and amplified creativity while certain shades elevate rejuvenation and recovery. Green, which promotes psychological balance and soothing, is able to comfort you by instilling a sense of peace and comfort. Blue is dream-like and tranquil. While some shades imply calmness and peace, others spur on rational thinking and logic. Indigo is a strong proponent of perception and mental stability. Turquoise is a color of sensitivity and intuition, bolstering original thoughts and insight. It promotes innovative thinking.

Red supports faster reactions, memory retrieval, in-depth evaluations, better concentration, and attention to detail. It stimulates, energizes, and promotes assertiveness and determination.

Orange is the color of prosperity and new possibilities. It may advocate independence, fulfilment, and success. It furthers a sense of adventure and helps with communication and networking. Yellow stimulates consciousness, promotes joy, and flexibility. Certain shades of yellow awaken or strengthen amusement and curiosity.

Particular shades of purple may stabilize your mental health. They may evoke a sense of mystery and heal hysteria. Purple is the color of power and compassion; light purple soothes and inspires.

Magenta may call forth passion and self-control, self-realization, and self-regulation. Certain shades of pink calm you down and help initiate thoughts of positive changes. These shades can assist as you deal with grief and melancholy, as they suggest tenderness and peacefulness.

There is an overlap in the utility of brown and gray, as both colors can decrease your level of excitement and encourage reservation. Specifically, brown is linked to stability and can therefore assist with sound decision-making while gray is the color of clarity and neutral perception. The color of extremes, black represents the unknown and can lead to an impression of either power or fear.

Various combinations of shapes, forms, colors, textures, dynamic, patterns, and effects of these images can influence and encourage your innovative skills, flexible thinking, and imagination. With this information in mind, you can purposefully utilize certain image properties to unlock their corresponding characteristics of creativity. Please note that mind-boosting tools such as this one have an individual effect and are influenced by your perception, personal characteristics, and experience. They should be combined with creativity training, workshops, and continuous practical exercises to maximize your potential and improve everyday performance.  

Each Mind Booster title explains the effect of the image on your mind. These authentic mix media images combine original acrylic painting and digital design. The high quality canvas of preferred sizes embellished with high-quality acrylic will organically become a part of your interior design. This artwork will not only enliven any room and redefine your living style but also will help you gain confidence, improve self-determination, decrease your level of anxiety, and much more based on your individual needs. These images are also recommended for educational settings, health care facilities, corporate offices, business headquarters, and other environments. Wherever they are used, they can help people stimulate the thought process, prevent depression, improve decision-making, build self-esteem, and much more.