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  “Mosaic art,” or art utilizing semiprecious stones, was first found dated to the second half of 3nd millennium BCE. By the fourth century BCE, the Greeks were using small semiprecious stones for their mosaics, as ancient Roman, Islamic, and Byzantine artists were incorporating colorful mosaics in their walls, ceilings, and artwork. 

During the Renaissance, artists, stonecutters, engravers, and carvers caused the trend of semiprecious stone art to flourish throughout Florence as they incorporated gorgeous stones into furniture, portraits, landscapes, and vases. This costly form of art became a favorite of the royals, who couldn’t afford to own mosaics but enjoyed viewing them. Various stone-crafting workshops merited a great reputation by developing different mosaic techniques. Armed with a passion for mosaic style and priceless collections of stones from around the world, craftsmen found their work challenging yet rewarding.

Ever since those early days, it has been believed that almost all colored gemstones retain special powers and personalities. A semiprecious gemstone refers to any gemstone other than sapphire, emerald, and ruby. Despite implications of their name, some so-called semiprecious gemstones are actually more valuable than precious gemstones. Their value can vary depending on the availability of the mineral. 

Plato suggested that the gems correspond with the planets. Throughout the centuries and around the world, semiprecious stones have been used not only for jewelry but also as agents of energy flow. In Western cultures, pearls, coral, jade, agate, and amethyst have been particularly well regarded. Crystals—based on their geometrical form, color, reflective and vibratory nature, texture, and more—are believed to possess the ability to alleviate stress, boost creativity, and raise levels of energy.

Gemstones are believed to be able to influence our abilities. They may enhance one’s perceptiveness, stimulate analytical capacity, alleviate stress and exhaustion, promote imagination, and boost original ideas. We teach people how to combine properties, shapes, and colors of semiprecious stones to reduce emotional tension and boost novelty. Coral, Perl, Amber, Peridot, Malachite, Aventurine, Agate, Tiger’s eye, Citrine, Quartz, Rhodonite, and other semiprecious stones are incorporated into the images that support emotional balance and promote imagination.

To achieve a desired effect from our semiprecious mind boosters, we need not only to consider the cultural, historical, and scientific recommendations for utilizing their natural characteristics but also to combine their properties. Color, shape, pattern, texture, and other essential characteristics that stimulate cognitive and emotional abilities while maximizing emotional fitness and creative problem solving. Interactions of colors, textures, and optical illusions flex the thought process and bring imagination to the next level. Symmetry, composition, balance, levels of abstraction, density, and dynamic provoke shifts in perception as well as an openness to novelty. Despite the fact that past experiences may alter your response to particular image properties and their combinations, there are general responses generated by certain properties of the image. It is important to understand how certain properties of the image, its structure, and symmetrical organization influence our emotional responses. Colors and shapes can unlock or enhance certain creativity tendencies. As wavelengths of electromagnetic energy, colors can set a certain mood, evoke particular senses, and even control the amount and flow of energy in our mind. Shapes are able to organize information via obstructions and connectivity. Squares and rectangles convey stability, formality, order, and limitations. Triangles are dynamic and confer a sense of movement. Based on how they are configured, they may represent either conflict or stability. They can additionally foster an impression of balance and self-revelation. Abstract shapes may boost novelty and original ideas. Spirals are conducive to creative thinking and original behavior. Curves, depending on their rhythm and dynamic, symbolize movement and change. Overlapping shapes enhance a feeling of complexity and interconnection. Every image containing various combinations of these properties blossoms with its own temper, attitude, and infatuation, all of which characteristics may be interpreted through a combination of empirical stimuli and interpretive meanings of an observer. Every image activates brain regions responsible for creative thinking.

Semiprecious stones are, in fact, truly precious as they can reflect your mood, feelings, an event in your life, and so much more. A piece of artwork made of these spectacular stones is a priceless gift appropriate for any special occasion. Many factors influence the cost: origin, availability, size, color, clarity, cut, polish, distributors, and fashion. Custom sizing is available upon request. 

We offer great prices on outstanding art pieces that will bring beauty and warmth to your home’s interior, your heart, and your mind. Please feel free to send us an e-mail and share your desires. We are here to satisfy your aesthetic and emotional needs!