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Semiprecious Stone Art



Dear Valued Customer! We  would like to thank you for choosing OZCREDO Mind Booster store. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality product. Please help us to understand your preferences and needs, so we can create the most precious piece of art for you or your loved one.

Selecting  top-quality  semiprecious stones and making valuable and scientifically effective gemstone art is a time consuming process. Please allow us up to four weeks to create the most outstanding semi-precious piece of art for you.

Please share your preferences with us by completing the form below:

Information Request

Please tell us what size do you prefer for your semi-precious art?

Please tell us what colors do you prefer in your semi-precious art?

Please tell us what semi-precious stones do you prefer in your art?

Please tell us what qualities would you like to develop?

Please let us know whether you want to order one of our semiprecious stone art pieces displayed on this website.

These Art pieces are 25"x 35". We can create similar image of any size.

Please note that every piece is unique and never repeated!